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                    Starting labor at $15 plus the string.

Racquet Stringing
At TORRES TENNIS ACADEMY, our experts can provide advice on racquet restringing, regardless of the style of racquet you have. Restringing is vital to maintain the peak performance of your game. You may notice that your racquet is losing its "punch" at the net, which is often caused by a decline in string tension. This can lead to a loss of control and inconsistent play due to the increased stretching of strings at impact. To maintain your style of play, we recommend restringing your racquet as many times per year as you play each week. Additionally, we offer a stringer loyalty program where having your racquet strung five times entitles you to the sixth restringing free of labor costs (excluding the cost of the string itself).

Our stringing labor charges begin at $15 depending on the type of string used. The prices below represent labor costs only and do not include the cost of the string:

  • Regular synthetic or nylon strings cost $15
  • Poly string and hybrid strings cost $20
  • Natural gut strings cost $35
  • Changing and resizing the original leather grip on your racquet costs $30
  • Changing the grommet on your racquet costs $50.

Please note that these prices are subject to change and we recommend contacting us directly at INFO@TORRESTENNIS.COM for the most up-to-date information and services.

Grip Replacement
It is imperative to ensure that you have the correct grip on your racquet to accurately place the ball on the court with the desired spin and speed. If the grip is too small, players tend to grip more tightly, resulting in discomfort and difficulty in controlling shots. This can lower the probability of making solid contact for a powerful hit. Over time, the racquet's grip may show signs of wear and tear, such as fraying or wearing down in areas where the hand comes into contact. To maintain optimal performance, you can benefit from our grip installation service to keep your grip and game in top condition.

Our commitment is to discover the perfect fit for your game. If your personal preference is unknown, we usually begin with the default tension for your racquet's make and model. We can then modify it by two to three pounds per stringing until we attain the most favorable outcome for you. It is essential to recognize that lower tension can lead to greater power, durability, and sensitivity, while higher tension offers more control. We will collaborate with you to establish the ideal tension that suits your particular requirements and playing style.

Generally, a higher gauge number implies a thinner string. Thinner strings can enhance spin and elasticity, leading to greater feel and sensitivity. However, thicker strings tend to offer more durability. Our team can help you choose the right gauge for your racquet, considering your unique requirements and preferences.