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What Parents Should Know about Quickstart and 10 and Under Tennis . . . it's a whole new ball game for kids!

Could you imagine sending your child out to play baseball for the first time with the same-sized bat and ball they use in the major leagues? What about using an NBA-height basketball goal on a full-length court? Of course not. Yet in previous years young players have done just that in tennis, taking an adult-sized racquet and a yellow tennis ball to play on the same-sized court used at the US Open.

The Quickstart Tennis play format is a chance for kids to learn real tennis and have real FUN doing it. 10 and Under (10U) Tennis follows almost every other youth sport and uses racquets, balls and courts that are sized right for kids so that they enjoy the game right from the start.

Kid-sized equipment and courts, and balls that don't bounce over their heads, give kids the advantage they need to learn to play tennis. Age-appropriate lesson plans make sure kids are successful. FUN and SUCCESS -- that's the Quickstart Advantage!

Quickstart Tennis is a "play-to-learn" format
Quickstart emphasizes development of motor skills
Quickstart uses progressions to teach racquet skills
For kids 10 and under, there is an emphasis on FUN, not competing!